Second in my Heximal series is the Bandit! Cute little raccoon with a mask he made all by himself. First batch in UV reactive Highlighter Yellow! Available here! ­čÖé

New Heximal! – Bandit

Did a lil painting on some pottery today with a friend. I hope it turns out since glazes fire into a different look.. ´╗┐´╗┐ ´╗┐

Paintin’ Pottery

So you know those cottontails I hinted at on instagram? Well… HERE THEY IS. **Available in my Shop!** Here are the first few Swifts┬áfrom my new series of figures – Heximals. These┬áadorable┬álittle┬áSwift buns are donning their button-eyed mojo masks. 2 3/4″ Hand-sculpted, molded and cast in resin Hand-painted masks 2pcs […]

Swift Heximal!

Well my second showing at the Oddball Art Hall┬áwas pretty successful, by which I mean I had a lot more finish products and I met a few more artists and received a lot of compliments. I had all of my┬áskull necklaces there, a new oil-slick colored beetle bracelet┬áand I debuted […]

A few things for the art show…

Corvid Swydds are Magpies of the sea! They like to collect and decorate themselves with shiny things they find in the sand along the ocean floors. Eventually what they find with tarnish and corrode, so they are constantly redecorating their many arms with new treasures! This one is the first […]

Spiny Corvid Swydd

One more necklace I cranked out before the show!

One Moa!

I’ve been working on a Pink Moa sculpture. Since building the armature, I ended up really liking the way the skull looked. So I cast a few, and fashioned some awesome pendants for these necklaces.┬áI hand-sculpted the skull shape (based off a Pink Moa bird in the GuildWars series), then […]

New Year, New Style

This is the face of a critter I’ve been working on. I have plans to do a lot more for the body, but in preparing for an art show, I ended up running out of time to complete it. Instead I turned faces like these into magnets to keep on […]