Have you seen these creations by 鍾哥?? These are pretty awesome! Definitely cool. 🙂

Taiwanese Cardboard Artist Makes Iron Man Suit

Cardboard is great. It can be shelter, it can be storage, it can be entertainment, it can be invisibility on the battlefield, and if taken to the extreme, it can be art.

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While reorganizing some supplies, I came across a small stash of giclee Frankenstein’s Bride ACEOs that I forgot I had. I did what any artist would do and desperately put them up for sale in my shop. Also, all other ACEOs are $1 off.

Frankenstein's Bride – ACEO/ATC giclee print from Splatterbrained Studios

This is a playing card size giclee print of an original mini oil painting I did. Printed on heavy fine art paper. Signed on the back and shipped flat in a card protector & between cardboard in a rigid mailer.

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Back to the grind. Oh acrylic, how I’ve only missed thee a little bit…

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This is one of the first sculptures I did once I started college back in early 2000’s. That’s what my hand looks like when it’s wielding sculpture tools!

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I spent most of my day printing out a free PNP copy of #Lagoon on cardstock….

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So last night I put together a list of supplies from Smooth-On that I would need to be able to complete my Pink Moa sculpture/casting without having to take a break. Since I have negative monies, that $120 is gonna be tricky to get, even after payday. Maybe I should do a kickstarter for $120. lol!!

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My spoils of tonight’s war! #dunny #kidrobot #zelda #blindboxesftw

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Happy New Year, everyone! I resolve to work harder and better!

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