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This is the face of a critter I’ve been working on. I have plans to do a lot more for the body, but in preparing for an art show, I ended up running out of time to complete it. Instead I turned faces like these into magnets to keep on […]

Beetle Bracelet

Finally finished my beetle bracelet. This horned beetle medallion is hand sculpted, cast in lightweight resin and shaped & finished in acrylic paint, clear coated and backed with felt. There are eight elastic strands of glass beads at 6 1/2 in. I have a few more small pieces to finish […]

Check out this neato burrito papercut work by #PopsicArt on #storenvy Friday the 13th This Friday the 13th poster features Jason Voorhees with his iconic mask. This papercut pop artwork features, 2D, 3D and 4D elements! The Camp Crystal Lake sign is rendered in 2D, while Jason Voorhees' body is […]

Recycled necklace chain and a couple abalone and silver beads and I have a new anklet!

This is another #Kickstarter project I just backed. #IAmElemental is a line of action figures for girls (or anybody really) that are meant for “play experiences that allow girls to envision themselves as strong, powerful and connected beings at the center of a story of their own making.” I LOVE […]