The past 60 days

have been really busy. Between commissions, wedding planning and then taking some time for myself in both personal projects and relaxation, I haven’t actually gotten a lot finished and is super disheartening. I almost feel like the whole season has been wasted.

The curse of being an artist (and a perfectionist) means that our wedding needs to be cool. Damn cool. It’s on Halloween and we want it to look good. We are having a Halloween party reception but we don’t want things to look tacky either. So that means more time and energy has to go into decor to make sure it’s not tacky and cheap.

On the plus side though – our florist really likes my RupsButtons. I’m not gonna jinx myself or anything but there has been some chatting. I need to hurry up and get on the ball with other things so that I don’t let this fall to the wayside!

I haven’t completed any new work for Art Halls lately but luckily this month’s vendor show was actually put off til next month when it will be considered the one year anniversary show. I am on the ticket for the October show, though, so I have a couple more weeks.



I’d rather be at home painting pictures.

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