Spiny Corvid Swydd

Corvid Swydds are Magpies of the sea! They like to collect and decorate themselves with shiny things they find in the sand along the ocean floors. Eventually what they find with tarnish and corrode, so they are constantly redecorating their many arms with new treasures! This one is the first of his kind to be discovered! This is a Corvid Swydd of the Spiny variety, although his spines are actually very soft to the touch.

He is only 3.5″/8.89cm tall, but his arm-span is just under 14″/35.56cm.

Resin face painted and clear coated with acrylics, faux jade cabochon eyes, upholstery fabric & felt body that has been both machine and hand-stitched, stuffed with poly-fiber and slightly weighted with poly-pellets. He even has a (literal) belly button.