So, what I was talking about before… what I want to do with my life.. Well.. I’ll just call it My Goal. And so far I’m feeling really positive about it. I’ve reached out to just a couple of people to see if they have an insight or experience.

Today I decided to email someone I know from highschool, who I’m still acquaintances with. He has a good grasp on what I’m looking to do and I know he’s involved with the community, so I had a good feeling he would be an asset of some kind. He responded fairly quickly with –

“Give me a call and we can talk i have an exact answer!!! ###-###-#### tmrw any time!!!!!”

That message leaves me feeling really positive about my potential direction. I mean, he used a lot of exclamation points!! This dude KNOWS what he’s talking about and I’m really hoping to get some guidance from him. I’m very excited!!

There is still a lot more I need to consider so I need to commit myself!