EDIT: I’m adding my Loki print to the giveaway, I kind of forgot I had it until I got my stuff printed for Ai.Kon next weekend. 


I recently hit a follower milestone (my first one ever!) and I thought I would do a button/print giveaway as a thank you~

There will be two winners, one will win the whole set of Avengers pins as well as the prints, and one person will be able to choose between either the prints or the pins. 

*The two winners will be chosen at random and posted at midnight on July 31st.

*Both “likes” and “reblogs” count towards you. You may reblog as many times as you like. 

*Anyone can reblog and like, you do not need to follow me.

The prints are about 8.5×11 in and the buttons are 2.25 inches in diameter. 

The  buttons are all available on my etsy site here 

I am not accepting new commissions right now, but they will start up again next month 🙂

I love these illustrations!