Today, I’ve decided my end of the year goals.

I’ve complied a list of things I hope to accomplish (and will try very hard to accomplish) before the end of the year. The majority is painting…

  • Finish decorating our house –
    • Paint Living room
    • Paint Hallways
    • Paint Dining room
    • Paint Bedroom
    • Paint Spare Bathroom
    • Paint Master Bathroom
    • Paint Bannisters
    • Tile the Kitchen
    • Tile around the fireplace
  • Take cake decorating classes and kick ass at it
  • Read a new book by an author I’ve never read before (Recommendations?)
  • Finish my two paintings and complete a 3rd
  • Make a birthday card for Nigel from scratch
  • Learn how to make a shirred dress (Summer goal!) 
  • Finish Level 1 Dutch in Rosetta

What are your goals for the rest of the year?